About The RV Lab

Hey there, fellow RVers! My name is Jon and I’m the founder of The RV Lab. When browsing other review sites, I just felt things were too simple and not transparent enough. What if I wanted to know which product with a specific feature is the best? Like the best air conditioner that’s portable. I wanted a way to sort through things that was clear and numbered with best to worst so I could gauge what was going on. 

 There is so much variety for every product category, and you need to buy reliable products that work the way they should, or your whole trip could be ruined. One small missing piece could mean you can’t light the barbecue, or will have to spend the rest of the day in the heat. A million things can go wrong, and I’m here to make sure that the products you buy through our recommendations aren’t one of them.

Jon Gabb
Founder of The RV Lab