Best Bike Racks For RV

Best Bike Racks for RV: Enhance Your Travel with Biking Adventures

I have a few questions for you. ‍Are you a fan of adventures? Do you enjoy exploring the outdoors with your RV? Is your answer yes? Then, bringing your bikes along on your camping trips is a must! 

Bikes provide you with a fun and efficient mode of transportation. You may use them to easily navigate RV parks. You may also use them to explore nearby trails and even run errands. A bike rack ensures that you transport your bikes safely and conveniently. 

In this comprehensive guide, I will provide you with:

  • Reasons why you should bring your bikes with you while camping
  • Types of RC bike racks available in the market
  • The features you should look out for when buying an RV bike rack
  • The top RV bike options available on the market
  • The installation tips and considerations for your bike rack
Best Bike Racks For RV -  Bike in the back of RV

Why Bring Your Bikes Camping?

I know you might be thinking—Why should I bring my bikes camping? Do bikes really matter in the camping world? 

Let me explain a few reasons why you should bring your bikes on your camping trip.

  1. Bikes and electric bikes will offer you convenient transportation. They are easy to park and are inexpensive to operate. Therefore, you can use them within RV parks and campgrounds.
  2. Bikes will present you with exploration opportunities. When you have a bike, you can go places your 5th wheel can’t. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to view your surroundings in a different perspective. 
  3. Bikes such as mountain bikes help you keep your fitness. Cyclin is an aerobic exercise. In simple terms, it means that it keeps the heart pumping and your blood flowing. Furthermore, when you ride your bike, you are burning extra calories from your body. Also, cycling works your major muscles, such as the legs, core, and upper body. Thus, when riding, you are building muscle strength and endurance. 
  4. Bikes will present you with cost savings opportunities. You can use your bike to go around campgrounds and run errands. This initiative will save you on your fuel costs and parking fees. You can also use your bike for recreational activities. These include biking trails, riding to the beach, and exploring new areas. This saves you money on things like amusement park tickets and tour fees, among others. 

Now that we understand the benefits of bringing bikes camping let’s explore the different types of RV bike racks available.

Best Bike Racks For RV - Bikes in the back of RV

Types of RV Bike Racks

There are various types of RV bike racks on the market, including roof racks. Each of these types has its own pros and cons. Let’s now take a closer look at some of the most popular options: 

  1. Ladder Mounts

Ladder-mounted bike racks are designed to attach to the ladder on the back of your RV. What makes ladder mounts popular is their easy installation process. The process does not require any modifications to your fifth wheel. 

Furthermore, RV ladder bike racks are versatile. You can use them with various types of RVs, such as motorhomes and travel trailers.

The only downside of ladder mounts is they have a lower weight capacity. Therefore, they are best suited for carrying one or two bikes

  1. Bumper Mounts

Bumper-mounted bike racks mount directly onto your RV bumper. They can be a good choice if you’ve a strong steel welded bumper. Also, if you need to carry more than two bikes

Bumper mounts have higher weight capacities than ladder mounts. They are suitable for almost any type of RV. But make sure that your bumper can handle the weight of the bike.

  1. Hitch Mounts

Hitch mounted bike racks hang from the hitch receiver on your RV or tow vehicle. These are often used due to their flexibility and ease of use. 

Hitch bike racks come in all shapes and sizes, including platform racks and hanging racks. Platform racks offer stronger support and stability for your bikes. Hanging racks are more lightweight and economical. Hitch racks usually have the capacity to hold more bicycles than ladder or bumper mounts. Thus making them a great choice for larger families or groups.

These are the main types of RV bike racks. Now, let’s move on to the next section. Let us talk about the features you need to keep in mind when buying an RV bike rack. 

Features to Consider

When picking the best bike rack for an RV, you must focus on some features. This will allow you to have a secured and stress free riding experience. 

Here are some key features to look out for:

  1. Mounting Compatibility

Before buying a bike rack, make sure it’ll fit on your RV’s available attachment points. Think of whether you have a ladder or bumper, or hitch receiver installed. 

Some racks are purpose built for certain mounting methods. Others offer more flexibility by accommodating multiple mounting styles.The three most common systems are hitch-mounted, ladder-mounted, and bumper-mounted systems

The hitch-mounted bike rack is by far the most popular choice among RV owners. This is because it is extremely stable and easy to operate. But ladder-mounted and bumper-mounted bike racks are also workable options. This is dependent on how your RV is laid out

Make sure you verify compatibility when purchasing your bike rack. Ensure it’s safe and fits your RV.

  1. Weight Capacity

The carrying capacity of a bike rack is essential in determining how many bikes it can secure. It also determines what types of bikes it can carry securely. 

Think about the weight of your bikes. Be sure to have an overloading capacity that is higher than their total weight. The other key is to make sure the weight is distributed well to keep things stable when you are on the road.

  1. Security Features

Securing your bikes while traveling is vital to avoid damage or theft. Especially if it’s mounted on your travel trailer tongue. Seek out bike racks that have solid locking mechanisms. Or, they should be capable of securing the bikes with extra cables or locks. Some bike racks also have built-in locks for added security.

  1. Ease of Installation and Use

Look for an RV bike rack that is easy to install and use. Especially if you are planning to frequently use it. Look for racks with user-friendly features such as quick-release mechanisms and adjustable straps. Also, consider loading and unloading processes that take a few seconds and fat tire bike compatibility.

Now that you are familiar with what to look for in an RV bike rack let’s take a closer look at some of the top bike racks for RVs on the market.

  1. Number of Bikes

Something else worth thinking about is working out how many bikes there are to carry. Ask yourself these two questions:

  • Do you travel alone, or with some other friends? 
  • Is your household a house of several bikes? 

By knowing how many bikes you want accommodated, you’ll be able to select a bike rack that has the correct capacity

Bike Racks come in different sizes. They start with single-bike racks to multi-bike carrying capacity. Think about both your current needs. Also, think about your future bike trip aspirations before you decide.

  1. Price

Price never comes second in anything. Let alone making a purchase of bike racks for RVs. Decide how much you can spend. Then, go searching for bike racks within that price. 

Don’t forget that investing in a good, quality bike rack is important to safe and secure your bikes. Of course, you don’t have to spend a fortune. However, take the long-term consideration of the cost into account when making that decision.

Top RV Bike Rack Options

Best Bike Racks For RV - Hollywood Racks RV Rider E-Bike Rack
  1. Hollywood Racks RV Rider E-Bike Rack

Is Foldable : Yes

Load Capacity : 160 Pounds

Mounting Type : Wheel Mount, hitch mount rack

Vehicle Service Type : Bicycle, Trailer

The Hollywood Racks RV Rider E-Bike Rack is specifically designed for RVs, motorhomes, and fifth wheels. 

This rack accommodates two e-bikes up to 80 pounds each. It boasts of heavy duty wheel holders. These can take on tires up to 5″ wide. They are designed to hold heavier bikes with fat tires.

The rack comes with locking bike frame grabbers. Their purpose is to prevent the bikes from moving when in transit. The installation is simple, and the rack folds for easy storage.

Best Bike Racks For RV - Swagman RV XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Carrier
  1. Swagman RV XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Carrier

Is Foldable : Yes

Load Capacity : 70 Pounds

Vehicle Service Type : Trailer

Max Load : 35 lbs. per bike

Mounting Type : Hitch mounted rack

The Swagman XC2 Hitch RV Mount Bike Rack is a favorite among RVers. This spare deluxe bike rack can take 2 bikes of any size and shape

The sturdy design comes with integrated wheel clamps. It also comes with adjustable frame hooks for securing your bikes in position. The rake slides onto a 2″ receiver hitch and folds up to store when not in use.

Best Bike Racks For RV - Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack
  1. Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack

Is Foldable : Yes

Mounting Type : Freestanding

Fit Type : Universal Fit

If you have a fold out ladder on the back of your rig, the Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack is a great solution. This rack attaches to standard RV ladders. It holds up to 2 bikes with a 60 lb total weight capacity. 

It features form-fit cradles that hold bikes securely. Furthermore, it even includes bonus straps just in case you need them. The stand-alone rack folds when not in use.

Best Bike Racks For RV - Surco 501BR Ladder Mounted Bike Rack
  1. Surco 501BR Ladder Mounted Bike Rack

Is Foldable : No

Load Capacity : 50 Pounds

Mounting Type : Strap

The Surco 501BR Ladder Mounted Bike Rack is versatile. It works with any ladder on an RV or van. 

This RV bike rack can hold two bikes. It includes pivoting arms for easy ladder access without taking off the rack. 

The rack locks the bikes in safely without needing any other accessories. The lightweight yet sturdy aluminum construction ensures longevity.

Best Bike Racks For RV - Thule Range RV Bike Rack
  1. Thule Range RV Bike Rack

The Thule Range RV Bike Rack is a premium option specifically designed for RVs and travel trailers. This RV rack can hold up to four bikes with a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds. Therefore, it has the capacity to hold heavy bikes.

It comes with a secure bike attachment system. It also features built-in locks to keep your bikes safe while in transit. The rack also provides sufficient space between bikes to avoid any collision or damage. Installation is simple, and the rack even folds away when not in use.

6. 1UP USA Super Duty Double

The 1UP 2 Super Duty Double, is on the double with added support bar under each tray. Making this the most durable bike rack in the market today.

The materials and replaceable parts will truely last you a lifetime. The The 1UP 2 Super Duty Double has built -in-anti-wobble mechanism, which will surely give the RV enthusiasts their dream adventures. The rack can also store up to 3 bikes or 4 bikes this would mainly depend on how much the bikes weigh.

In aesthetic stand point, It’s a no go; however with that being said at first glance you can really appreciate the quality the 1UP bike rack has to offer. This bike rack is more of durability rather than being aesthetic making this good for those outdoorsy adventures.

Best Bike Racks For RV -

Installation Tips and Considerations

Now that you’ve selected the best RV bike rack for your specific needs, it’s essential to correctly install and use it. Here are some tips and considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Read the Instructions Carefully

Before installing anything successfully, be sure to read the instructions. Grasp how to follow the instructions from manufacturers. Your RV bike rack may require specific instructions or guidelines about installation. Familiarizing yourself with the steps, will help you confirm that you have the right tools and materials. It will also ensure you carry out the installation right.

  1. Gather the Necessary Tools and Materials

Now, get ready with tools and materials once you know how to install it. All RV bike racks require basic tools. These include a wrench, screwdriver, and measuring tape for installation. And in some scenarios, you might need hardware provided by the manufacturer. 

Have all the materials and tools ready before beginning. This will help prevent any delay or frustration during the installation stage.

  1. Proper Bike Placement

One of the most important things to remember when installing your RV bike rack is placement of the bikes. Make sure when loading bikes on the rack they are correctly positioned. This is essential to avoid any contact or damage to the bike while in transit. Strap the bikes down or use extra fastening devices. Think about the weight distribution for balance and stability of your bike.

  1. Securing Your Bikes

After installing your bike rack and aligning the two bikes correctly, you can move on to the next step. This next step, of course, is to securely strap down the bikes. The overwhelming majority of the best RV bike racks feature movable ties or clamps. Their purpose is to keep the bicycles stable. 

Make sure to fasten these straps firmly. Ensure the bikes remain steady and they don’t move at all while being transported. It’s always a good idea to make use of extra bungee cords and/or tie-downs. They will provide extra stability when driving over longer distances or uneven ground. Before hitting the road, make sure to double-check the tightness of the straps and cords.

  1. Check for Stability and Weight Limits

It is imperative to get your bike rack stable before you hit the road with your bikes. Verify that you aren’t at or exceeding the maximum loading that the manufacturer specifies. Test the stability of the rack. Do this by gently shaking it and adjust accordingly if required. 

By exceeding the weight limit, you’re putting extra stress on your RV. Thus, affecting the rack itself which could lead to an accident or damage. Ensure that you follow the weight restrictions so you can have a safe and fun trip.

  1. Regular Maintenance

Check the bike rack for any sign of wear/damage periodically. Check the mounting hardware, clips, and locks to see that they are operational. Lubricate the moving parts per the manufacturer’s instructions. Good maintenance extends the life of your bike rack and keeps it functioning properly.


Travelling with your bikes on your RV excursions opens up an incredible realm of possibilities. The top RV bike racks will allow easy transportation of your bikes, including fat bikes. Furthermore, they will allow you to cycle at your travel destinations. 

Before you purchase a bike rack, think about: 

  • The mounting options 
  • Weight capacity
  • Security features 
  • Ease of installation
  • Bike compatibility 

Currently, the top options of RV bike racks include:

  • Hollywood Racks RV Rider E-Bike Rack 
  • Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack 
  • Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack 
  • Surco 501BR Ladder Mounted Bike Rack 
  • Thule Range RV Bike Rack
  • 1UP USA Super Duty Double

Keep in mind the importance of proper installation and maintenance for a comfortable biking experience. So, pack your bags, hit the open road, and go on epic biking trips with your RV.

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