Best RV Ovens: Cooking On the Go Made Easy

Top Picks for Cooking Convenience on the Road: Best RV Stove Oven Combo

Are you thinking about organizing a memorable road trip with your buddies in a camper van? As you are aware, having a functional kitchen on board is essential. No reliable oven means no proper kitchen.

It can be a hard task picking the appropriate oven. Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced RV traveler. There are numerous choices, making it a challenge to determine where to start.

Our extensive guide will aid you in navigating the realm of the best RV ovens. You can expect to get a thorough explanation of the following:

●      The important aspects to consider before choosing an RV oven are.

●     The 6 best RV oven options

best rv oven


Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best RV Oven for You

1.    Size and Space Efficiency

Considering size and space efficiency is essential when looking to buy the best RV oven. The need for compact appliances is necessary for an RV due to limited space, and this includes ovens.

Having a bigger RV oven can occupy important counter space. This creates difficulties when maneuvering around the kitchen area. Also, if you want to prepare meals for a few people, going for a larger oven might not be the best choice. In contrast, an undersized RV oven may not be sufficient for all your culinary demands.

2.    Fuel Type

When purchasing the best campervan oven, another important factor to consider is the fuel type. An RV oven’s fuel type determines how it heats up. This has a significant impact on the appliance’s performance. It also affects your experience using it.

Different fuel types, such as propane or electric, have their distinct pros and cons. For instance, propane generally heats up faster. It also requires less electricity. In contrast, electric ovens provide a more consistent heat source and are easier to clean.

Knowing which fuel type your RV oven uses also helps with maintenance and repairs.

3.    Cooking Features and Functions

Why should I think about cooking features and functions, you might be asking. This is because a high-quality RV oven needs to have the ability to cook a wide range of meals. Ranging from baking pizzas to roasting turkeys.

Cooking features and functions vary depending on the RV oven. This makes it important to consider them when buying the oven. Some popular features include:

●  Multiple burners

●  Oven light

●  The RV cooktop

●  Built-in timer

●  Convection ovens option

Buying the best campervan oven with advanced cooking functions, such as an integrated air fryer, will make a significant difference.

Buying an RV oven with advanced cooking functions will make a significant difference. Your road food will be of higher quality as a result. So, carefully consider your options and the available RV kitchen appliances. You can explore the addition of an air fryer alongside the traditional RV range and wood stove. This will enhance your cooking capabilities on the road.

4.    Ease of Use and Cleaning

By ease of use, we mean how simple the best RV oven is to operate and understand. Cleaning refers to the maintenance required to keep an RV oven free of grease and food debris. Grease and debris affect the longevity and effectiveness of the appliance.

A high-quality RV oven should be designed with both ease of use and cleaning in mind. This will enable the owners to efficiently and safely cook meals. It will also enable them to minimize the effort and time required to maintain the appliance in the RV kitchen.

If you are a prospective RV stove buyer, you should prioritize ease of use and cleaning. You may then be sure that the appliance you select will satisfy your demands. The appliance will also be both practical and functional.

5.    Energy Efficiency

When buying the best camper oven, it is essential to take into account its energy efficiency rating. Some might be wondering what energy efficiency is and why it matters in RV ovens, right?

Energy efficiency is the ability of a device to perform its intended function. Performing while consuming minimal energy. In the case of the best camper oven, an energy-efficient appliance uses less fuel or electricity to heat up. It also uses less fuel to maintain the desired temperature. This, in turn, results in lower energy bills for the user.

Additionally, RVers on the move typically have limited power sources on their trips. So, they need to conserve energy as much as possible. Purchasing an RV oven with a high energy efficiency rating helps save money. It also helps reduce carbon footprint while on the road.

It is essential to check the Energy Star rating of an RV stove before making a purchase. Selecting a model with a better star rating is also crucial.

6.    Budget Considerations

To the elephant in the room, budget considerations. The best RV stove oven combo price range varies considerably. Therefore, it is essential to determine a budget beforehand to avoid overspending.

More expensive RV ovens may come with additional features and functionalities. However, it is essential to assess these features. This is to ensure whether they are necessary before making a purchasing decision. When determining the budget, you should factor in installation and maintenance cost.

Choosing an RV stove that is within budget helps avoid financial strain. It also ensures that other important expenses are not neglected.

best campervan oven


Best RV Stove Ovens for Your Ultimate Road Trip Experience

We took into account the elements mentioned above when compiling this list. It should be emphasized, nevertheless, that there is no particular order in which these objects have been included.

Note: There are different types of RV Oven and Stoves, such as the RV Oven and Stove Combo, Cooktop Stove, Wall Oven, Convection oven, Outdoor Camp Ovens. 

Let’s now examine some of the best RV stove ovens combo:

best rv stove oven combo


1.    Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven

Fuel Type:                   Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Material:                      Alloy Steel

Item Dimensions:        24″ x 18″ x 31″

Power Source:             Propane

Max Energy Output:    2198 Watts

Item Weight:                32 Pounds

Looking for the best RV oven to enhance your road trip experience? The Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven is an excellent option to consider.

This high-quality gas stove boasts several top-of-the-line features. Thus, making it a versatile addition to any RV camping gear collection. This oven has matchless ignition and stainless steel construction. This makes it built for durability and reliability.

It also offers 7,500 BTUs per burner and a 3,000 BTU oven, ensuring efficiency and even cooking every time.  The nonstick enamel RV cooktop surface makes clean-up easy. It has a top oven heat of 499 degrees. The included thermometer helps ensure precise cooking temperatures.

This propane stove also comes with two oven racks, making it ideal for preparing a wide range of dishes. It weighs in at 32 pounds and runs on liquefied petroleum gas.

The camp chef deluxe outdoor camp oven is a top-of-the-line RV stove. It can handle all your cooking needs, making it an excellent choice.

best camper oven


2.    Empava 24 Inch Electric Single Wall Oven

Size:                  24 Inch

Brand:               Empava

Heating Method:    Convection

Fuel Type:         Electric

Item Dimensions: 23.42 in. W x 23.83 in. D x 23.6 in. H

The Empava 24-inch electric single-wall oven is the best campervan oven. It offers an ultimate road trip experience for those who love to cook while on the go. Cooking a range of dishes precisely is made simple by its ten cooking capabilities. Additionally, its delicate touch control enhances the cooking experience.

Large meals can be prepared due to the 2.3 cubic foot capacity. The heavy-duty professional-style racks further facilitate the cooking of sizable meals. Convection cooking ensures that food is cooked evenly and quickly.

The 5-layer shelf also offers enough room to set up the grill grates and baking sheets. This makes it simple to make many foods at once. 

Whether you’re RV camping or road-tripping, this RV stove will not disappoint. With its versatile features and performance, the Empava electric oven is a must-have.  It is perfect for any adventure seeker looking to make delicious meals on the road.

best rv range oven


3.    RecPro RV Stove Gas Range

Material:            Charcoal

Finish Type:      Painted

Fuel Type:         Gas

Item Dimensions: L 17.25 x W 21.5 x H 20 inches

When it comes to selecting the best RV range oven for your ultimate road trip experience, the RecPro RV stove gas range is a contender.

This countertop oven boasts an impressive set of features. Its vent-less design means no need to worry about complicated duct-work during installation. With its dimensions of L 17.25 x W 21.5 x H 20 inches, it is compact enough to fit in most RVs without sacrificing cooking space.

Its 120-volt voltage and gas fuel type makes it highly efficient. This makes it simple for you to prepare delicious meals while traveling. The RecPro RV Stove also includes three gas burners. It also has temperature controls that light up to help you see what settings you’re selecting.

You may use the stove top cover to cover the RV cooktop and use the flat surface as extra counter space. The optional vent hood comes with two mechanical switches as well as a charcoal filter. To obtain a better view of your stove top, use the LED lamp.

best rv oven


4.    Summit RG244WS 24″ Freestanding Gas Range

Drawer Type:     Broiler, Broiler drawer

Material:            Cast Iron

Fuel Type:         Gas

Item Dimensions: 17.5 x 15.25 x 19 inches

Item Weight:      130 pounds

Top Style:          Open burner

Heating Elements: 4

Control Console:   Push to turn

The Summit RG244WS 24″ freestanding gas range has a slim 24-width. This makes it the best RV range oven for any kitchen lacking space.

This oven boasts four sealed burners with removable cast iron tops. This enables for safer and cleaner cooking, as well as a large oven window. While it comes set for natural gas, the included LP kit allows for easy aftermarket conversion.

One of the best features includes the convenient drop-down lower compartment for broiling.

This RV stove has all the capabilities required for the best road trip experience. Regardless of whether you are a skilled chef or simply need to quickly prepare a meal while on the go.

best campervan oven


5.    Avanti GR2013CSS Gas Range

Drawer Type:     Broiler, storage drawer

Material:            Stainless Steel

Fuel type:          Gas

Item Weight:      104 pounds

Item Dimensions: ‎ 25 x 19.75 x 40.25 inches

Capacity:           2.1 Cubic Feet

Installation Type:  Freestanding

Control Storage:    Knob

The Avanti GR2013CSS gas range is the best RV oven for owners. Especially for those looking for an oven that offers convenience and reliability.

The automatic electronic ignition eliminates the need for matches. This allows for quick and easy starts. The oven temperature ranges from 300°-500°F (149° – 260° C).

This cooker has four sealed type burners, i.e. rapid burner, semi-rapid, and simmer burner. This makes cooking any meal a breeze. This oven may be utilized with either propane or natural gas. This is thanks to the LP conversion kit that is provided.

Additionally, the see-through glass oven door allows for easy monitoring of your food. Without having to open the oven and run the risk of losing heat, you can monitor the progress of the cooking. It also has the broiler drawer type and storage drawer. These provide ample space for cooking and storing your kitchen essentials.

With its easy-to-use knob controls, this oven is a reliable addition to any RV kitchen. It offers practical functionality that enhances your cooking experience on the road.

best rv stove oven combo


6.    Hike Crew Outdoor Gas Camping Oven

Heating Type:              Convection

Fuel Type:                   Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Material:                      Alloy Steel

Item weight:                 30 pounds

Item Dimensions:        19.3″L x 13.4″W x 17.9″H

Power Source:             Gas Powered

Max Energy Output:    4689.13 Watts

Planning your next road trip and wondering how to pack an oven for delicious meals on the go? Look no further than the Hike Crew outdoor gas camping oven. The best RV range oven for camping.

This 2-in-1 stove is powered by propane. It also features a double burner cooktop that can deliver up to 16,000 BTUs of cooking power. The Hike Crew oven offers versatility and convenience whether you are:

●  whipping up a hearty breakfast

●  cooking a savory dinner

●  baking some treats

This compact and durable propane stove is designed for outdoor use. It can also easily be added into your RV setup, making it a top choice for road trip enthusiasts. With the Hike Crew outdoor gas camping oven, you can enjoy the comforts of home cooking from the comfort of your RV.

Don’t let limited space limit your meal options on your next adventure!

Your RV oven allows you to cook delicious comfort foods on the go. Follow these helpful RV tips to choose the right RV appliance, operate it safely, whip up meals in tight quarters, and keep your appliance in peak condition.

Choosing the best RV oven for your Campervan living lifestyle

Selecting the best RV range oven requires careful consideration of factors like kitchen dimensions, cooking needs, and power options. More compact oven models like toaster ovens and convection microwaves are excellent choices for smaller campers and smaller RVs with limited space.

These mini ovens allow you to cook, bake, toast, and reheat foods without occupying your kitchen area. When evaluating different oven sizes and designs, measure your available oven cut-out and consider what meals you plan to prepare in the camping world. An oven with multiple racks and a broiler option provides greater flexibility.

Safely operating your Best RV oven on the road.

Observing basic safety practices when firing up your RV oven ensures everything runs smoothly during your travels:

      • Only operate the oven when fully parked – never while the RV is moving or idling.

      • Sudden movements or vibrations can impact the oven combo stability and performance.

      • Verify proper ventilation in the oven area to prevent dangerous gas buildup.

      • Oven ventilation is especially crucial for gas stove models to expel gas and fumes safely.

      • Inspect and calibrate your oven thermometer to confirm the interior temperature is accurate.

      • An incorrect reading could lead to under or overcooked foods. Use quality oven mitts or potholders when handling hot pans, trays, racks or other items.

      • The oven interior and contents can remain extremely hot after cooking.

    Maximizing your compact RV kitchen

    The snug kitchens of RVs require some clever adaptations to cook full meals. Follow these tips to make the most of your tiny cooking space:

        • Outfit your RV oven with cookware and baking pans specifically designed for RVs.

        • Items tailored for compact ovens make efficient use of the limited capacity.

        • Opt for a more miniature cooktop electric RV stove with RV-friendly dimensions. A two-burner model allows you to boil water or sauté sides while the main dishes bake.

        • Get creative with cooking techniques, orders, and simplified recipes to work within your oven’s size constraints.

        • One-tray meals or dishes you can easily divide between pots and pan are handy.

        • Cook main protein or vegetable dishes first, then utilize the residual heat for preparing quick sides like garlic bread or roasted potatoes.

      Caring for your Best RV Stove oven combo

      Like any significant RV appliance, RV ovens need periodic maintenance to keep running smoothly: Regularly wipe down the oven door and clean the glass to maintain visibility inside.

          • Burnt food debris on the window can obstruct the view.

          • Inspect the pilot light assembly and replace it if damaged or inefficient.

          • A weak pilot flame could compromise oven temperatures.

          • Check oven gas lines, valves, and fittings for leaks annually.

          • Fix minor leaks yourself or call a professional for major repairs.

          • Have an authorized RV technician service the oven and address any persistent issues you can’t resolve.

          • They have specialized expertise in maintaining RV appliances.

        best rv range oven


        Installing the Best RV Oven in Your Camper

        Adding an oven to your RV opens up a world of culinary possibilities. Follow critical safety steps and choose an oven designed for RVs. A cooking appliance like this can significantly enhance your travel experience.

        Key preparations before installing your RV oven

        To ensure safe and seamless oven installation:

            • Carefully review the oven manufacturer’s electrical, gas, and ventilation requirements. 

            • This critical information is found in the user’s manual. 

            • Particular attention should be given to the pilot light and oven door mechanisms for gas appliances.

            • Thoroughly measure the kitchen cabinet opening, interior depth, and required perimeter clearances to confirm the new oven will fit. 

            • This is especially important if you’re installing a cooktop stove.

            • Shut off gas lines and disconnect the electrical supply to the installation area before beginning. 

            • This applies whether you’re installing a gas stove or an electric stove. 

            • This prevents dangerous gas leaks or electrical shocks.

          Assembling the necessary installation equipment

          Having the right tools and materials on hand makes oven installation much smoother:

              • Gather essential hand tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, levels, flashlights, and any specialized oven fasteners. Don’t forget the pans for testing the oven’s functionality.

              • Stock up on supplies like conduit, piping, fittings, sealants, and sliding brackets.

              • Safety gear like work gloves, goggles, a fire extinguisher, and a generator should be on standby. Local laws may require additional safety measures if you’re in North Carolina.

            Step-by-step RV oven installation

            Once prepped, carefully follow these key steps:

                • Securely fasten the oven in the cabinet cut-out using provided screws or sliding brackets on the side walls. Verify it is level.

                • Connect the gas supply line to the oven regulator inlet using piping and fittings. Perform a leak test before proceeding.

                • Attach the power cable to the oven terminal block for electric ovens and feed it through the supply conduit.

                • Reconnect gas/electric supplies and test ignition, burner function, and oven temperature accuracy. An oven thermometer can help with this.

              Added RV Stove oven combo installation tips

              Keep these additional pointers in mind for safe RV oven installation:

                  • Permanent vents for gas ovens must direct exhaust outside. Use manufacturer specs for vent sizing. This is critical if you’re using a camping stove.

                  • Secure the oven to wall studs using safety straps or latches to prevent movement while traveling.

                  • Run the oven through a battery of tests to catch any ignition, temperature, or functionality issues. 

                  • It’s easier to troubleshoot problems now rather than down the road. If your RV also has an air conditioner, ensure it’s not affected by the oven installation.


                In conclusion, choosing the best RV stove oven combo is essential for a memorable road trip cooking experience. We’ve covered the key factors to consider before making a purchase. These factors include: size and space efficiency

                ●  Fuel type

                ●  Cooking features and functions

                ●  Ease of use and cleaning

                ●  Energy efficiency

                ●  Budget considerations

                Keeping these variables in mind, you can make an informed choice. Then find an oven that meets your expectations and requirements.

                To further assist you in your search, we’ve highlighted the 5 best RV ovens on the market.

                ●      The Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven

                ●      The Empava 24 Inch Electric Single Wall Oven

                ●      The RecPro RV Stove Gas Range

                ●      The Summit RG244WS 24″ Freestanding Gas Range

                ●      The Avanti GR2013CSS Gas Range

                ●      The Hike Crew Outdoor Gas Camping Oven

                With these best RV oven choices, you can enhance your road trip experience by preparing delicious meals on the go. So, whether you’re a seasoned RV traveler or a newbie, take the time to research and select the best RV oven for you. It will be ideal for your ultimate road trip cooking adventure. Happy cooking and safe travels!


                The best RV oven is one that efficiently fits the limited space in an RV or camper, providing reliable and consistent cooking performance while offering compact, multi-functional features designed specifically for mobile living.
                The best RV ovens are compact, lightweight, and specifically designed to withstand the vibrations and movement of traveling. They often come with energy-efficient features and may utilize different fuel sources such as propane or electricity for flexibility in various camping scenarios.
                When looking for the best RV oven, consider factors such as size and dimensions to fit the RV’s space, energy source compatibility, cooking capabilities, temperature control, safety features, and durability for long-term use in different travel conditions.
                The choice between propane or electric for an RV oven largely depends on personal preference and the RV setup. Propane ovens are more common in many RVs, offering reliable cooking performance even off-grid. Electric ovens might be preferable for RVs with a reliable power source.
                Many RV ovens come as a combo unit with both an oven and a stove or cooktop. This multifunctional feature allows users to bake, roast, and cook various dishes simultaneously, optimizing the limited kitchen space in an RV.
                Most RV ovens are designed for relatively easy installation and maintenance. However, it’s essential to follow manufacturer guidelines for proper installation and conduct routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
                The best RV ovens are often equipped with energy-efficient features, such as insulated design to retain heat, precise temperature control to minimize energy waste, and may offer different power settings to cater to varying power sources available in different camping situations.
                Yes, many top RV ovens are equipped to handle various cooking methods. They typically include temperature control features suitable for baking, roasting, and broiling, allowing for versatile cooking options within the confined space of an RV.
                RV ovens are designed to be safe for use during travel. However, it’s advisable to ensure the oven is securely closed and any loose items inside are properly secured to prevent accidents or damage while the vehicle is in motion.
                Absolutely, the best RV ovens are versatile and suitable for various types of recreational vehicles, including campervans, trailers, motorhomes, and even boats, providing a convenient cooking solution regardless of the type of recreational vehicle being used.

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