Best Wind Turbine for RV

Best Wind Turbine for RV: Harnessing Nature’s Power on Your Travels

You understand the value of having a dependable source of power while travelling in your RV. Portable solar panels have long been a common option for RVers. 

However, using an RV wind turbine to capture the energy of the wind is a fantastic alternative. To ensure optimal power generation, you can also incorporate it into your solar setup!  

In this article, we will explore: 

  • How an RV wind turbine works
  • What to look for in an RV wind turbine
  • The best RV wind turbines out there in the market today

So, let’s dive in and discover how you can power your RV with the wind!

Best Wind Turbine for RV - Wind Turbine

How Do RV Wind Turbines Work?

RV wind turbines are also known as wind generators. RV wind turbines produce green energy by utilising the wind’s energy. 

This is how they produce their energy. The kinetic energy (KE) of the wind is converted into electrical energy as the turbine’s blades spin. Your RV’s electronics and appliances can then be powered by the energy. 

The rotor blades are designed to automatically turn and adjust their angle in response to changes in wind direction. This helps maximise their efficiency and output. 

Most RV wind turbines have a vertical axis design. This feature allows them to capture wind energy from any direction without needing to be repositioned. This makes them ideal for RVs that are frequently on the move. 

Wind turbines have many benefits. One benefit is they provide a sustainable source of renewable energy. They are also known for being silent and producing no emissions. This makes them an environmentally friendly choice. This is especially to those RVers who are passionate about reducing their carbon footprint.

What to Look for in an RV Wind Turbine

When searching for the best wind turbine for your RV, there are a few key factors to consider:

  1. Wattage

Before buying an RV wind generator, wattage is a crucial consideration. These wind turbines are available in various sizes. How much power they can produce is partly determined by their wattage rating

When selecting a wind generator, it’s crucial to take your RV’s power requirements into consideration. This is especially if you plan on using it to charge your RV batteries or even connect to the grid power. 

Some RV wind generators have higher wattage ratings. This means they are able to produce more power for powering appliances. However, devices like battery chargers have different rated currents and voltages. So, it’s important to make sure the wattage output of your wind generator is compatible.

You should also note that wattage differs between different types of turbines. For example, the wattage of a home wind turbine is higher than that of an RV wind turbine. 

You can use a charge controller to ensure that your batteries are fully charged. It is just similar to a solar charge controller. The purpose of the controllers is to ensure your battery bank avoids being overcharged.

  1. Start-up or Cut-In Speed

When shopping for an RV wind turbine, it’s important to consider the start-up or cut-in speed. Start-up speed is the wind speed at which the turbine begins to generate usable power. 

Avoid turbines with high cut-in speed. This is because it may not generate enough power to be worth the investment. Especially during a season of lower wind speeds.

Wind power is a great supplement to solar energy for off-grid RV living. However, if the turbine cannot generate enough electricity at low wind speeds, it may not be a practical choice. 

Before purchasing, research the average wind conditions in the areas where you’ll be travelling. Then use this information to compare them to the cut-in speed of various turbines. 

Some RV wind turbines have low cut-in speeds. Therefore they are able to generate power even in light breezes. This makes them a reliable source of energy. 

  1. Survival Wind Speed

Survival wind speed refers to the maximum wind speed that a wind turbine can withstand without getting damaged.

It is crucial to choose a turbine with a high survival wind speed. This is because RVs often travel to areas with unpredictable weather conditions. 

Most manufacturers design wind turbines with a survival wind speed between 90 and 100mph. This, however, varies according to the size and model of the turbine.

Choosing a wind turbine that doesn’t have a high enough survival wind speed is dangerous. It may cause serious harm to the RV, the turbine, and other adjacent items. 

Look for a wind turbine with a survival average wind speed of 100 mph or more. This ensures that the turbine remains productive during high winds and severe weather conditions.

  1. Weight and Portability

Weight and portability should not be disregarded while picking the ideal RV wind turbine. Why? Well, let’s break it down. 

First, weight plays a significant role in determining how easy it is to transport and install the turbine. As an RV owner, you want something lightweight. You also want something that won’t add unnecessary strain to your vehicle’s towing capacity. 

A heavy turbine makes your RV sluggish on the road. It also limits the places you can comfortably explore. Therefore, opt for a lightweight wind turbine. This ensures that you can easily move from one location to another without sacrificing power generation.

Now, let’s talk about portability. As an RV enthusiast, you’re likely drawn to the freedom of off-grid living. You are also drawn to the ability to generate your own power. This is where a portable wind turbine comes into play. 

A portable turbine allows you to harness the power of the wind wherever you go. It provides you with a reliable source of off-grid power. 

  1. Noise Level

One often overlooked factor is the noise level produced by the turbine. 

Wind turbines may be a great source of renewable energy. However, they can also be quite noisy. This is especially true for larger industrial turbines found in wind farms. 

However, residential wind turbines and hybrid systems designed for RVs tend to be quieter. It’s important to do your research and find a turbine that fits your needs without disrupting your peace and quiet.

The noise level of a wind turbine varies depending on its size, design, and location. Larger turbines typically produce more noise. This is due to their larger blades and higher wind speeds. 

However, small wind turbines with smaller blades are generally much quieter. These smaller turbines are designed with noise reduction in mind.

The 7 Best Wind Turbines for RV

There are a lot of RV wind turbines out there in the market. Companies like Primus wind power and Missouri Wind have excelled in manufacturing these devices. 

So, to the elephant in the room. What are some of the best wind turbines for RV?

Best Wind Turbine for RV -  Dyna-Living B07MDB2KJG 400W DC 12V Wind Turbine
  1. Dyna-Living B07MDB2KJG 400W DC 12V Wind Turbine

Wattage : 400 watts

Power Source : Wind-Powered

Voltage : 12 Volts

Output Wattage : 400 Watts

Material : Copper

Frequency : 60 Hz

Weight : ‎16.12 pounds

Dimensions : 59.06 x 59.06 x 0.2 inches

The Dyna-Living Wind Turbine Generator Kit is a popular choice among RVers. 

This wind turbine has a low start-up speed of just 4 mph. Furthermore, it has a survival wind speed of 111 mph. The turbine’s low start-up speed ensures that it can capture wind energy even in light breezes. This helps ensure a continuous supply of power.

This device guarantees efficient power generation for your RV. It has a wattage of 400W and is supported by a DC 12V wind turbine motor. 

The motor has a three-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous generator. This feature helps ensure smooth operation, low noise, and an extended service life. Furthermore, the Teflon wire used in the coil resists high temperatures. This makes this wind turbine suitable for various weather conditions. 

The Dyna-Living is designed to be durable yet lightweight. This makes setup and takedown a breeze. Additionally, for RV owners looking for a hassle-free setup, its simple installation and upkeep make it a great alternative. 

Best Wind Turbine for RV - SHZOND B0792RS9BW 3 Blades 20A Wind Generator
  1. SHZOND B0792RS9BW 3 Blades 20A Wind Generator

Rated Power : 400W

Rated Voltage : DC27-54V

Battery Voltage : DC12V

Start-up Wind Speed : 2.5m/s(8’/s)

Rated Wind Speed : 12m/S(35’/s)

Number of Blades : 3

Rotor Diameter : 1.2m(4′)

Rated Speed : 800r/min[RPM]

The SHZOND Wind Generator is another lightweight option. This turbine has a peak production of 400 watts

What sets this wind turbine apart is its start-up wind speed of 2.5m/s. This makes it highly efficient even in low-wind conditions. Additionally, it has a rated speed of 800r/min. This ensures consistent and reliable power generation. 

This turbine has a specifically designed hybrid controller. It helps maximise its output by effectively harnessing power from the wind. It also assists in safeguarding against overcharging. This not only optimises power utilisation but also prolongs the lifespan of the wind turbine. 

This wind turbine has a maximum daily output of 1.4 KW. Thus, it is a valuable addition to your RV. It helps provide ample power for all your electrical needs while reducing reliance on external power sources.

Best Wind Turbine for RV - YaeMarine B081RKZBY3 5 Blade Wind Turbine Generator
  1. YaeMarine B081RKZBY3 5 Blade Wind Turbine Generator

Wattage : 400 watts

Power Source : Wind-Powered

Item Weight : 6.2 Kilograms

Voltage : 12 Volts

Output Wattage : 400 Watts

Special Feature : Lightweight

Material : Aluminium

Engine Type : 4 Stroke

The YaeMarine Wind Turbine Generator is a lightweight 5-blade wind generator. This wind turbine is designed for camping, boats, and RVs. 

It has a start-up speed of 4.4 mph. Furthermore, it has a survival wind speed of 100 mph. The Yak Marine Wind Turbine Generator offers reliable performance. 

This turbine has a compact design and a weight of 13.6 pounds. This makes it easy to transport and set this device up. 

The Yak Marine Wind Turbine Generator is a great choice for those seeking peace of mind during strong storms.

Best Wind Turbine for RV - Pikasola RV Wind Turbine Generator Kit
  1. Pikasola RV Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Wattage : 400 watts

Power Source : Wind-Powered

Weight : 6.2 Kilograms

Voltage : 12 Volts

Output Wattage : 400 Watts

Special Feature : Lightweight

Dimensions : 26.5 x 11.8 x 18.3 inches

The Pikasola RV Wind Turbine Generator is known for its easy installation. This makes it an attractive option for RV owners. 

It has a  lightweight and compact construction. Thus, it won’t take up much space on your RV. 

The turbine’s high-quality aluminium construction ensures durability. Furthermore, the blades are made of durable nylon carbon fibre with anti-corrosion properties. 

Best Wind Turbine for RV - ECO-WORTHY RV Wind Turbine Generator
  1. ECO-WORTHY RV Wind Turbine Generator

Rated Power : 400w

Rated Voltage : DC12-24V

Battery Voltage : DC12-24V

Start-up Wind Speed : 2.5m/s(8’/s)

Rated Wind Speed : 10.5m/S(35’/s)

Maximum wind speed : 35m/s

Rated Rotate Speed : 800r/min

Battery capacity : 200AH-400AH

Control system : Automatic fan dedicated controller

The ECO-WORTHY 800 Watt RV Solar Wind Turbine Generator Kit is perfect for off-grid systems

This kit comes with a 400-watt wind turbine and two 195-watt solar panels. These provide ample power for your RV. 

What makes it stand out from the rest with its low start-up speed of 5.6mph. This low start-up speed makes it highly efficient even in low wind conditions. 

The turbine is equipped with three enhanced nylon fibre blades. This helps ensure optimal power generation and durability. They also ensure that the turbine is lightweight, durable, and operates with low noise and low vibration.

Another notable feature of the ECO-WORTHY RV Wind Turbine is the inclusion of a 40A PWM hybrid controller. The controller serves as essential battery protection. This controller regulates the power flow. It also prevents overcharging or damage to your RV’s batteries. 

Wind Turbine for RV Pro’s and Cons:


  • A cleaner source of energy
  • Cheap operation Costs


  • Discontinues Energy
  • It produces a lot of noise


Harnessing the power of wind energy with an RV wind turbine is a game-changer. This is especially true for RVers seeking a reliable and eco-friendly power source. 

As I have explored, there are several excellent options available. Each alternative has its unique features and benefits. 

Before purchasing any wind turbine for RV, you should also consider your: 

  • Power needs
  • Wind conditions in your travel destinations 
  • Budget when choosing the best wind turbine for your RV

With the right wind turbine, you can enjoy the freedom of off-grid living while minimising your environmental impact. So, get ready to embark on your next adventure with the power of the wind by your side!

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