Gifts For RV Campers

Gifts for RV Campers: Unearthing the Perfect Presents for Travel Enthusiasts

For adventurous souls who embrace RV camping, life on the open road in a recreational vehicle offers the ultimate freedom. RVers get to travel the country while enjoying home-like amenities and the comforts of their camper. But finding the perfect gift for your favorite RV owner or camper can be challenging. Standard gifts may not fit the unique RV lifestyle. You want to get them something practical, useful during their on-the-go adventures, and tailored to RV or RV park life. That’s where this comprehensive gift guide comes in!

We know how tricky it can be to find the best gifts for RV campers. They already have their road-ready rig equipped and decorated. Traditional gifts like sweaters or picture frames are better for traveling. And gifts for the RV, like tires or a generator, tend to be costly. But the good news is that there are plenty of great gift ideas that are affordable and super helpful for the RVing lifestyle. 

This guide explores clever, purposeful gifts RV owners will use and appreciate on the road or while relaxing at the latest campground.

Whether you need a gift for a spouse, parent, sibling, or friend who lives the nomadic life in their motorhome, camper trailer, or van, we’ve got you covered. We’ll share our picks for must-have gadgets, camping gear, compact appliances, space savers, accessories, and more. You’ll discover great gifts to make time spent at the campsite more comfortable and enjoyable. We’ll also cover gifts that make highway travel easier and enhance adventures.

This comprehensive RV gift guide divides recommendations by recipient and interest to help you eliminate the perfect option. We have ideas for outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, pet owners, families, retirees, and road warriors. With our help, you’ll be able to find practical, fun gifts to make RV life more pleasant during adventures on the road or relaxing at camp. 

The open highway is calling – let’s get started finding that perfect gift for the RV lover in your life!

Family Cooking on A campfire

Elevate Their Camping Trips: The Best Gift Ideas for RV Owners

If you want the perfect gift for the RV owner, focus on items enhancing their camping adventures. We’ve compiled the top gift ideas to create an unforgettable RVing experience, whether they’re on the road or at the campsite.

Practical Gifts for the Journey

Since RVers travel frequently, they appreciate practical gifts that make time spent driving the motorhome and navigating the highway easier. Some great gift ideas include:

Gifts For RV Campers - JBL Clip 4
  • Portable speaker – Bluetooth lets them wirelessly play music or podcasts in the RV from their phone for entertainment during long stretches behind the wheel. The JBL Clip 4 is an excellent compact option.
  • Walkie-talkies – Helpful for communicating at rest stops or keeping in touch between vehicles. Long-range two-way radios like the Motorola T600 Talkabout allow drivers to stay connected.
  • RV backup camera – Provides a view behind the RV to facilitate safer reverse driving and parking. Consider the Furrion Vision S 4.3″ Wireless Observation System.
  • GPS navigator – An RV-friendly GPS like the Garmin RV 890LMT helps navigate to the next destination and alerts drivers to low clearances and weight-restricted roads.

Gear to Improve Camp Life

Gifts tailored to camping help RV owners enjoy their time parked at the campground or exploring the great outdoors. Some top gift ideas are:

  • Outdoor cookware – Portable grills, Dutch ovens, and camping cook sets allow them to prepare delicious meals at the site. The Coleman Camping Cookware 16-Piece Aluminum Set is highly rated.
  • Camping chairs – Compact, comfy folding chairs like the Coleman Quad provide seating around the fire or picnic table. Look for lightweight options with cup holders and adjustable heights.
  • Outdoor mat – Cushion their steps with weatherproof carpets like the RV Front Door Mat by Redi-Mats that resist dirt and mildew. Choose a fun phrase like “Welcome to our Happy Place!”
  • Fire pit – For ambiance and warmth on cool evenings, a compact portable fire pit like the Solo Stove Bonfire is perfect for camping expeditions.

Luxury Items to Pamper Them

You can also gift high-end items to indulge RVing loved ones and add luxury to their experience:

Gifts For RV Campers -   Garmin Fenix 7X
  • Smartwatch – A stylish, rugged outdoor smartwatch like the Garmin Fenix 7X helps them track hikes and bike rides while controlling music and notifications.
  • E-reader – The Kindle Paperwhite provides endless reading entertainment without taking up space in the RV.
  • Portable blender – For smoothies, margaritas, and dips on the go, the NutriBullet RX1715 is a powerful compact blender.
  • CB radio – For long-haul truckers and severe road warriors, a high-end CB radio like the Cobra 29 LX improves communication and safety.

Any of these useful, purposeful gift ideas are sure to level up RV adventures and create priceless memories exploring the open road. With the right gift, the journey is the real destination!

Celebrating the RV Life: Top RV Gifts for National Park Lovers

For the RV camper who lives for visits to iconic national parks, gift them something to memorialize and enhance their adventures exploring these treasures. From usual supplies to trip-planning resources, these gifts make time spent amid breathtaking scenery even more magical.

The National Parks Pass

There’s no better gift for a frequent national park visitor than the annual pass granting access to all 63 national parks nationwide. America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass costs $80 annually. It covers entrance and standard amenity fees for the RV camper and any passengers in their vehicle. It also provides access to national wildlife refuges, forests, grasslands, and other federally managed lands. This invaluable gift will unlock bucket list destinations from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone to Acadia all year.

National Park Exploration Guides

Help them uncover hidden gems within famous parks or plan their route to must-see landmarks by gifting informative travel guides tailored to national park adventures. Some top picks include:

  • National Geographic’s Complete National Parks of the United States – This stunningly photographed coffee table book details every national park for planning.
  • Moon USA National Parks – Moon Travel Guides offer a road trip-focused guide for RVing the parks’ best sights.
  • The Most Scenic Drives in America – Highlights the most picturesque routes through treasured parks and monuments like Grand Canyon and Utah’s Mighty Five.
  • The National Parks: An Illustrated History – This book illustrates every national park’s story, geology, and wildlife through historical images.
  • Quirky Travel Guy – A comprehensive list of national parks by state and the best attractions off the beaten track.

Gear and Gadgets

Equip the camper in your life with practical gear designed for national park excursions:

  • Osprey hydration backpack – Well-designed packs like the Osprey Raptor 14 keep hikers hydrated on trails.
  • National park apparel – Gift hoodies, hats, and t-shirts from The Territory Ahead, State and National Park Tees, or individual park visitor centers to represent their love of public lands.
  • Scratch-off park posters – Map wall art like the USA National Parks Scratch Off Poster lets RVers display their journey through America’s most prized parks.
  • Eagle Creek packing cubes – Keep their RV organized on long trips with handy packing cubes for everything from clothes to camping gear.
  • Hydro Flask water bottle – Durable, insulated bottles like the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 32 oz are perfect for staying hydrated in dry national park environments. Customize with national park stickers.
  • Inflatable Kayak – Lightweight, compact and easy to use inflatable kayak are perfect for hassle free water adventures.

Any outdoor lover would be thrilled to receive gifts to enhance their national park travels. Surprise your favorite RV camper heading cross-country with gifts celebrating the wonders of America’s public lands!

On the Move: Exceptional Gifts for Travel Trailer and Campervan Owners

Owners of more minor, lighter travel trailers and campervans have unique needs and interests compared to more prominent motorhome owners. Remember their transient lifestyle when selecting the perfect gift for your favorite road-loving campervan or travel trailer owner.

Gifts for Easy Mobility

Since campervan and travel trailer owners frequently change locations, portable gifts make time on the road easier:

  • RV surge protector – Protect their systems from electrical damage at various campsites with a portable surge protector like the Surge Guard 44270.
  • Tire pressure monitoring system – Allow them to proactively maintain proper tire pressure while driving with a monitoring system such as the TireMinder TM55.
  • Portable solar charger – Let them harness the sun to charge devices anywhere with a compact, efficient solar charger like the BIGBLUE 28W.
  • Cell phone booster – Improve cell signals in remote areas with a champion like the weBoost Drive Reach RV 65dB system.
  • RV tank treatment – Help prevent odors and waste buildup in gray and black tanks using treatments like the Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment.

Gifts for Comfort and Convenience

Enhance comfort in their cozy campervan or travel trailer with these gifts:

  • Memory foam mattress topper – Add cushioning for a better night’s sleep; look for RV-specific sizes.
  • Collapsible lantern – Portable lanterns like LE’s collapsible model provide mood lighting in and outside the camper.
  • Organizers and storage – Keep the limited space tidy with products like Lynk Over Cabinet Door Organizers and travel cubes.
  • Portable outdoor rug – Cocoon their “outdoor living room” with a weatherproof rug like the Recofect Adirondack Collection Portable Outdoor Rug.
  • Luggage locks – Let them secure the camper and leave belongings safely inside when away from the site with locks like Master Lock 4689D.

Gadgets and Gear for Adventure

Equip the transient camper for outdoor fun with these road trip-ready gifts:

  • Camping chairs – Go for ultra-portable options like the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair.
  • National park passport – Let them document trips through America’s iconic landscapes with a fun souvenir passport.
  • Hiking backpack – Quality packs like the Osprey Daylite keep essentials close on the trail.
  • Camp stove – Packable stoves like the Coleman Gas Camping Stove/Oven provide fuel efficiency for brewing coffee or cooking up meals.
  • Enamelware mugs – Durable, colorful enamelware cups like the GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Nesting Cup add retro flair.
  • Hammock – No matter the occasion, the camping hammock is a camping must have, so they may enjoy relaxing beside the campfire or just gazing to the stars much like the Wise Owl Camping Hammock.

Any travel trailer or campervan owner would love receiving gifts to make transient life more comfortable, convenient, and fun. Surprise the road trip-loving camper in your life with valuable gifts for adventure!

Travel in Comfort: Essential Gifts for RV Travelers

Life on the road in an RV or motorhome means constantly shifting locations. Make the journey comfortable for the RV traveler with practical gifts tailored to the transient RV lifestyle. Consider valuable items to simplify time spent driving across the United States and enhance day-to-day living in their home on wheels.

Practical Motorhome Gifts for the Journey

Help RV road warriors travel safer and navigate more easily with these practical gifts:

  • Dashboard camera – Capture scenic drives and monitor the road with a dash cam like the Garmin Dash Cam 67W.
  • Atlas or road maps – RV travelers appreciate a good old-fashioned road atlas to chart travel plans, even in the digital age. Choose a spiral-bound oversized option or laminated map pages.
  • SiriusXM satellite radio subscription – Let them access commercial-free music, sports, and talk radio anywhere they roam with a SiriusXM subscription.
  • Tire covers – Protect tires from sun damage and cracking with weatherproof covers like the Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Tire Covers.

Gifts to Make Living on the Road More Comfortable

Enhance comfort and convenience in their motorhome with these gift ideas for RV living:

  • RV mat – Cushion their steps and trap dirt at the door with a flexible, easy-to-clean RV-specific mat.
  • Blackout curtains – Allow them to block light and sleep soundly with custom blackout curtains made for RV windows.
  • Compact, portable Instant Pot – Let them cook delicious one-pot meals even with limited kitchen space.
  • RV TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) – Help monitor and maintain proper tire pressure while traveling with a tire pressure monitoring system.

Outdoor Adventure Gifts

Make campouts and outdoor excursions more enjoyable with these road trip-ready gifts for the camper in your life:

  • Campsite fire starter – Quickly ignite fires at the campsite using compressed fire starters like the Flint Snap Fire Starter.
  • National park annual pass – Grant them access to campgrounds and amenities across national parks with the America the Beautiful annual pass.
  • Camping lantern – Illuminate the campsite with a bright, portable LED lantern like the Coleman Quad Lantern.
  • Camping chair – Go for a compact, comfy chair like the Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table.
  • Portable camp kitchen – Make camp cooking easy with all-in-one setups like the Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Kitchen.

Any transient RV traveler would appreciate gifts tailored to the unique RV lifestyle. Make road life more comfortable for your favorite motorhome owner!

Celebrations on Wheels: Perfect Christmas and Holiday Gifts for RV Lovers

The holiday season shines even brighter for those who call an RV home. Make the season memorable for your favorite RV lover with these festive Christmas gifts tailored to life on the road.

Decking the Camper Halls: Gifts for Holiday Decor

Transform their humble abode-on-wheels into a winter wonderland with festive décor gifts any RV lover would adore.

String lights with timers allow them to decorate the awning and exterior hassle-free. Choose classic white or multicolor for the season. Icicle lights add a frosty glow along the roofline. Mini bulb strands are perfect for framing windows and doors.

Inflatable lawn décor brings delight – go for lighted reindeer, snowmen, or Santa suits. Light-up wire frame sculptures like stars and trees add cheer without taking up storage space. Outdoor holiday plaques for the lawn are personalized with their family name.

Add gleaming glitter to the outdoor campsite with a reusable tinsel garland made for the elements. Stake mini tree yards into the ground surrounding the site. Line their parking spot or picnic area with metal luminary stakes guiding the holiday way.

Unleash some festive spirit inside with themed pillow covers and soft throws sporting snowmen, trees, snowflakes, and other seasonal motifs. Look for machine-washable options in RV-friendly sizes. Fun printed blankets make movie nights cozy.

Mini artificial trees for tables and counter space add a festive focal point. Opt for convenience with hinged branches on a versatile tabletop version. Hand towel sets with holiday motifs bring cheer to kitchens and bathrooms. Display a festive wreath inside on the entryway or above the dinette.

Gear for the RV Holiday Chef

Whip up holiday feasts, baked goods, and warm drinks despite the compact RV kitchen with these camper gifts:

Keep counters clear with a collapsible drying rack only out when needed. Let them boil cider or whip up festive treats with an electric hot plate designed for RVs. Compact baking sheets and muffin tins maximize oven space. Cover with parchment for easy clean-up.

Break out the baking with fun cookie cutters shaped like trees, snowflakes, stockings, and more. A rolling pin and festive cookie decorating kit inspire their inner pastry chef. An insulated food carrier lets them transport roasts, casseroles, and pies.

A spice gift set with holiday flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger amps up specialties. Try a holiday tea collection featuring peppermint, spiced cider, and other cozy wintry flavors. Wrap up hot chocolate mixes and festive mugs for chilly nights.

Spreading Holiday Cheer on the Road

Put an RV twist on classic holiday gifts to delight any gift recipient:

Custom ornaments with an RV insignia or photo capture those cherished on-the-road memories. A personalized RV stocking makes each family member feel special. Portable digital frames loaded with pics from past RV holidays make thoughtful gifts.

Entertain with compact board games like Yahtzee and Scrabble with a wintry twist. Gather around for card games by the fire with a holiday-themed deck. Travel chess or checkers sets spread joy.

Keep the whole family snacking with popcorn gift tins in fun holiday shapes and wintry flavors. Fill their pantry with hot chocolate mixes, candy canes, gingerbread cookies, and other tasty treats.

Surprise movie lovers with a bundle of classic holiday flicks to watch by the fireside. Help them stay toasty on chilly nights with soft holiday-themed slippers and plush throws in their favorite colors.

Any RVing gift recipient will surely appreciate these tailored Christmas gifts spreading holiday cheer as they celebrate the season adventuring on the road.

Practical Presents: Everyday Gifts That RV Owners Will Love

For the RV owner with all the accessories, focus on practical everyday gifts they’ll truly appreciate in their home on wheels. Valuable presents simplify the RV lifestyle for frequent camper travelers.

Gift Cards for Custom Shopping

What gifts to get an RV owner? Let them shop for their own needs with gift cards to these RV essential stores:

  • Camping World – Gear up their rig at the leading camper supply retailer.
  • REI – Find outdoor equipment and apparel for their adventures.
  • Cabela’s – One-stop for all things camping, fishing, and hiking.
  • Amazon – Order practically anything for the RV life conveniently online.
  • Bass Pro Shops – Shop quality casual clothing, footwear, and camping equipment.
  • Walmart/Target – Pick up groceries and essentials for road trips.
  • L.L. Bean – Durable, cozy clothing and footwear for the whole family.
  • West Marine – Stock up on boating, fishing, and watersports equipment.

RV Organization and Storage

Creature comforts require staying organized in a compact RV. Useful tools include:

  • Collapsible storage cubes and bins – Tidy clothes, linens, and gear.
  • Magnetic clips and bars – securely Mount knives, utensils, and mugs in the camper kitchen.
  • Under-bed storage containers – Utilize all space for clothes and extras.
  • Over-the-door hangers – Hang towels, coats, and more on the back of doors.
  • RV shower caddy – Secure shampoos and soaps in one portable carrier.

Safety and Security On the Road

Travel with peace of mind using these gift ideas:

  • Dash cam – Record scenic drives and monitor the road.
  • RFID blocking sleeve – Protect ID and payment cards from remote scanners.
  • Hide-a-spare-key fake rock – Ensure they never get locked out.
  • Fire extinguisher – Equip their RV to stop fires before they spread.
  • Carbon monoxide detector – Monitor levels of the dangerous gas.
  • Emergency roadside kit – All gear needed for breakdown repairs and first aid.

Campsite Fun and Relaxation Gifts

Enhance time spent at the campground with these camper gifts:

  • Portable fire pit – Gather in cozy warmth at the site.
  • Weatherproof deck box – Stash firewood and campsite supplies.
  • Camping chairs – Provide seating for the whole family around the fire.
  • Bluetooth speaker – Stream music from the phone to set the mood.
  • Campfire popcorn popper – Enjoy movie night with delicious snacks.
  • Solar-powered lanterns – Illuminate the site once the sun goes down.

Any RVing recipient would appreciate these useful gifts tailored to the RV lifestyle. Prioritize convenience and quality for happy campers!

Final Thoughts : The Perfect Gift Is the Road to Happy Camping

The boundless freedom of the open road calls to every RV owner. An RV isn’t just a vehicle – it’s a comfortable home away from home with cherished memories made on adventures across the country. This comprehensive guide explored the most thoughtful gifts for RV campers that make time spent on RV camping even more enjoyable.

With ideas spanning must-have gear, road trip necessities, luxurious treats, and holiday cheer, you now have ample gift inspiration to delight the wandering camper. Keep the comforts of home in mind and products to enhance time spent lounging at the campsite and navigating the highway. The perfect gift aligns with your recipient’s interests and simplifies aspects of the RV life they’ll appreciate.

For the outdoor enthusiast, portability and durability are key. Equip them to take the active lifestyle on the road with hiking boots, camping chairs, or accessories for their motorbike or kayak. If they love luxurious downtime after a busy day, treat them to cozy slippers, an e-reader, or their favorite bottle of wine to unwind.

Foodies will enjoy gifts that allow them to cook delicious meals despite a compact RV kitchen, like multicookers, spice sets, and collapsible prep tools. Organization aficionados appreciate storage solutions and packing cubes to keep clutter contained. Pet owners need outdoor gear to adventure with Fido and cleaning tools to manage fur.

Gifts that spread holiday joy at the campsite, like personalized decorations, mini trees, and cookie-baking sets, make time away during the season merry and bright. Even digital subscriptions for streaming movies or ebooks allow entertainment anywhere the road leads.

This guide scratches the surface of the many gifts to enhance RV living. Visit Camping World and peruse their vast must-have accessories, maintenance supplies, and interior comforts, perfect for any motorhome or trailer owner. Let your recipient’s personality and interests guide you to tailor the ideal gift.

You can easily find and purchase all of the beautiful RV gifts mentioned here through our provided affiliate links. Click on any product and complete your order online to send thoughtful surprises their way. With the holidays approaching, remember our tips for checking everyone off your list.

The endless aisle of the open road awaits. The perfect gift helps equip RV travelers for smooth journeys, cozy overnight stays, and lifelong memories of unique destinations. Surprise your favorite rover today and make their next adventure their best!


  1. What are some excellent holiday gift ideas for RV owners?

Some great holiday gift ideas for RV owners include festive decor like string lights or wreaths, cozy seasonal blankets and slippers, holiday movies on DVD, and fun treats like hot cocoa or popcorn tins. Portable holiday decorations and foods they can easily take on the RV are perfect for seasonal celebrations.

  1. What gifts does an RV owner need for traveling?

Valuable gifts for RV travel include:

  • Road atlases or GPS devices.
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems.
  • Surge protectors.
  • Cell phone boosters.
  • Walkie-talkies.
  • Dash cams.
  • Emergency roadside assistance kits.

Gifts that make time driving, navigating, and camping in the RV easier are always appreciated.

  1. What are practical gift ideas for RV living?

Practical RV living gifts include storage solutions like containers and organizers, compact appliances like an electric hot plate or instant pot, and RV-specific gear like a tire pressure monitoring system, blackout curtains, a door mat, shower caddy, and water hose/sewer kit. Multi-purpose items that save space are best for small RV kitchens and living quarters.

  1. Should I give an RV owner something personalized?

Yes, RV owners appreciate personalized gifts! Ideas include:

  • A custom ornament with an RV or family photo.
  • An embroidered blanket or pillow with their name or family motto.
  • A welcome mat with their name.
  • A set of mugs or tumblers printed with fun RV graphics and their names.
  1. Where can I buy gift cards for an RV owner?

You can purchase gift cards to Camping World, REI, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and other stores RV owners frequent. Gift cards allow them to pick out items tailored to their rig and camping lifestyle.

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