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Maximizing Space and Functionality: Finding the Best RV Countertop Extension

Having a limited kitchen space in your RV is a struggle. I understand this as I am an avid camper and RV enthusiast. Having a functional and spacious kitchen space area is essential for a comfortable camping experience. Especially when you embark on a weekend getaway or a cross-country adventure. 

In this article, I will share with you the top 5 RV countertop extensions. These accessories will help you get extra counter space. Furthermore, they will make your RV kitchen feel like home.

RV Counter Top Extension - A family preparing to eat in a RV

The Importance of Maximizing Counter Space in an RV

Let’s face it—RV kitchens are notorious for their lack of countertop space. This limited surface area makes preparing your meals a struggle. 

You may invest in a high-quality countertop extension to solve this challenge. In doing so, you will be expanding your workspace. Even if it is with an additional 12 inches. Thus making your cooking work much more enjoyable.

Having a countertop extension provides you with extra space for chopping, mixing, and preparing ingredients. You can also use this space for placing small kitchen appliances. These appliances include a toaster or a coffee maker

This wide and longer countertop provides you with more flexibility and freedom. Thus, you are free to experiment with different recipes and cooking techniques. They are geared towards improving your cooking experience.

RV Counter Top Extension

Top 5 RV countertop extensions on the market

  1. Durable Bamboo Countertop Extension

RV owners love adding a durable bamboo countertop extension to their kitchen. It’s a great way to get more workspace and storage space. Bamboo is a sustainable and stylish material that’s perfect for RVs.

What makes people love Bamboo is because it’s an eco-friendly material. Furthermore, it is highly durable and moisture-resistant. 

A bamboo countertop extension provides a sturdy and stable surface for all your kitchen needs. Bamboo countertop also adds a touch of natural elegance to your RV interior.

Camco 43423 Bamboo Accents RV 12 inches Countertop Extension is one popular example of this type. 

  1. Wooden Countertop Extension

Wooden countertop extensions are other popular types of RV countertop extensions. This countertop extension is well-liked by any person who loves having a more rustic look. They are also available in a variety of colors.

Wooden countertop extensions are made from high-quality wood. These woods include oak and maple. 

Wooden countertop extensions provide you with a warm and inviting atmosphere in your RV kitchen. Furthermore, these pieces are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Wooden countertop extension provides you with a window of opportunity to increase your cooking space.

  1. Foldable Countertop Extension

If you enjoy and value versatility and convenience, then this one is for you. You might be wondering why. 

The foldable countertop extension has the ability to be folded. Once folded, you can store them when not in use. In doing so, you save valuable space in your already small space RV kitchen. 

Foldable countertop extensions often come with adjustable legs. Thus, you are able to customize the height according to your preference. 

  1. Countertop Extension with Built-in Storage

As the name points out, this countertop extension has built-in storage. What this means is that they feature shelves (shelf), drawers, or even a small cabinet.

Countertop extension with built-in storage provides you with additional space. You may use this space to store kitchen utensils, spices, and other essentials. This type is, therefore, space economical. 

Countertop extension with built-in storage makes your cooking a breeze since you have everything at arm’s reach.

  1. Hinged Countertop Extension

So, you are in the market. You are looking for a countertop extension to maximize your space without sacrificing mobility. Well, you are in luck, my friend. Look no further than a hinged countertop extension.

You can easily fold down a hinged countertop extension when you are not using it. This move allows you to move freely around your RV or trailers. 

Using it is simple and straightforward. When you need extra prep space, all you need to do is just fold it up. Then you secure it with brackets or screws.  

You may purchase these extensions and related products from many sources, such as Home Depot, Amazon, etc. Shipping services make sure that they are delivered to your doorstep.

RV Counter Top Extension

Installation Process and Considerations for RV Countertop Extensions

So, you have chosen the perfect RV countertop extension for your RV kitchen. Now it’s time to install it. You should note, however, that the installation process varies depending on the extension of your choice. 

Here are some general considerations you need to keep in mind: 

  1. Measurements

Before investing in a countertop extension, you must measure the size of your current countertop. By using these measurements, you may buy an extension that fits you well. You will also be ensuring it does not block your entry door. 

The extension’s height, width, and depth must all be taken into account. This will guarantee that it fits your requirements and the design of your fifth wheel kitchen.

  1. Tools

Amass all of the tools you’ll need for the installation process. A drill, screws, brackets, or hinges are a few examples. 

Consult the manufacturer’s instructions or the product handbook for more details. These will list the precise equipment you will require. 

  1. Preparation 

In the preparation stage, you should clear your RV kitchen countertop of any appliances, RV accessories, or cookware. Make sure the surface is clean. It should be free from any debris, water, or grease. 

  1. Assembly 

Following the manufacturer’s instructions during this stage is critical. Some extensions come pre-assembled. However, there are some which may require some assembly.

Take your time and make sure all parts are securely attached. 

  1. Placement

In this stage, place the extension on your existing countertop. Then, mark the areas where you will attach hinges or brackets. Use a level tool in this stage. The level will help you determine whether the extension is perfectly aligned or not. 

  1. Securement 

There are several ways to safely attach the extension to your current table countertop. The counter extension type you select will determine which option you utilize. Hinges, screws, or brackets are all options. 

How to correctly install and attach it is covered in the manufacturer’s instructions. 

  1. Test and Adjust

After installing the countertop, you should test its stability. If it does not fit well, adjust it until it does so. 

Make sure that the extension can support the weight you plan to place on it. Once the countertop extension is installed, test its stability and adjust as needed. 


In order to have a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience, maximizing counter space in your RV kitchen is essential. Even if it’s with an extra 12 inches. 

To instantly upgrade your kitchen, you need to invest in a quality countertop extension. Doing so will make your RV cooking enjoyable and a breeze. 

To make a comprehensive and space saving kitchen upgrade your RV, search for synergy of a quality countertop extension to match a thoughtful RV dining table replacement. This mix and match makes sure to not just expand workspace but easily transform your dining area and prep area, to enhance both functionality and style for your on the go adventures.

There are several factors you should consider before selecting the right countertop extension for your RV. These include: 

  • The material the countertop is made up of
  • The installation process
  • Additional storage options that come with your countertop extension

Furthermore, you should make sure that you measure your existing countertop. You should also gather all the necessary tools for the installation process. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions while installing your extension. You can check for sale discounts from different sources to get a good deal.

These top 5 RV countertop extensions will help you level up your RV kitchen. 

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