RV Toilet Bidet

RV Toilet Bidet Bliss: Finding the Best Upgrade for Your Comfort

Dealing with RV toilets is always an uncomfortable and messy endeavor for RV owners. That being said, you really should consider upgrading to a  toilet bidet.

Considering the upgrade to an RV toilet bidet, it’s always nice to evaluate the existing RV toilet as well. This is to make sure compatibility and potential enhancements to your overall bathroom experience, the combination of an efficient RV toilet bidet and a quality RV toilet can both elevate the comfort and cleanliness on the road.

This post will provide you with the following:

  • What a toilet bidet is
  • The various components of an RV toilet bidet
  • Benefits of using a toilet bidet
  • How to choose an RV toilet bidet for your RV toilet bowl

So, if you are sick and tired of dealing with your RV toilet mess, read on. 

RV Toilet Bidet

What are RV Toilet Bidets? 

Using a traditional RV comes with its own fair of struggles. Such include:

  • Limited water supply 
  • Constant need to refill the black tank
  • uncomfortable experience of relying on toilet paper alone

A toilet bidet is a device that uses water to clean your nether regions after you finish using the toilet. You can use it as an alternative to using traditional toilet paper. 

An RV toilet bidet can be installed on a residential toilet, marine toilet, or existing RV toilet.

RV Toilet Bidet

Benefits of using an RV toilet bidet

  1. Saves Toilet Paper and Water Usage

Reducing toilet paper usage is the most straightforward benefit of an RV bidet. The move to use an RV toilet bidet is an environmentally friendly approach. Also, you significantly reduce the money you would spend on buying tissue paper. The only purpose you will have for a tissue paper is patting yourself dry.

A separate permanent bidet in your RV also helps to conserve fresh water. It does so by eliminating the need to flush solids down the toilet. This, in turn, saves you money. It also reduces the number of times you have to empty your fresh water tank. Thus keeping your water usage low.

  1. Reduces Toilet Clogs

Improper waste disposal is one of the notorious downsides of RV toilets. However, there is a solution to this. 

An RV toilet bidet will enable you to say goodbye to such clogs. Its gentle spray enables it to effectively clean your toilet’s bowl. In doing so, preventing any build-up and blockages. These might have led to your toilet clogging. 

  1. Provides a More Thorough Cleaning

Traditional RV toilets don’t always leave you with that feeling of being fresh. An RV bidet enables you to enjoy a more thorough cleaning experience. Its spray nozzle delivers a gentle and powerful stream of water. This ensures that you feel clean and refreshed after every use. 

  1. Is More Hygienic

Hygiene is one of the most important aspects of life. This is more important, especially when you are living in a confined RV bathroom space like an RV. This device provides you with a cleaner and hygienic alternative to traditional RV toilets.

The water spray from the bidet effectively eliminates germs and bacteria. Thus, eliminating and reducing the risk of infections and unpleasant odours. And since you won’t be using toilet paper, you minimise the chances of transferring harmful bacteria to your hands.

  1. Is More Comfortable

Yes, you read it. An RV bidet is more comfortable. This comfort cannot be matched with that a traditional RV toilet can offer. The bidet’s gentle and soothing water spray provides a refreshing sensation. This makes your bathroom experience much more enjoyable. 

Additionally, modern bidets offer adjustable water pressure and temperature settings. Thus, you can customise it to your comfort level. This luxury can make a big difference during your travels. 

Furthermore, a new RV toilet bidet can help to prevent leaks. It can help improve the flushing power of your toilet. Thus providing a more comfortable and hygienic experience.

RV Toilet Bidet

Understanding the Components of an RV Toilet Bidet

A typical RV toilet bidet consists of the following parts:

  1. Toilet Seat 

The bidet seat replaces your existing RV toilet seat. The seat is designed to accommodate its functionality. It is usually made of durable and easy-to-clean materials.

  1. Spray Nozzle 

The spray nozzle is an essential part of the bidet. It delivers the water spray. It can be adjusted to control the water pressure. It can also be adjusted to change direction for optimal cleaning.

  1. Water Supply 

The bidet requires a source of water to function. It connects to your existing fresh water supply of your RV. Some bidets also have options for cold water or warm water. This may require additional plumbing. Most RVs source their water from city water sources.

  1. Tank

Some bidet models have a holding tank. The tank holds the water supply. You can either refill it manually. You may also connect it to your RV’s water system for automatic refilling. The water might be coming from black water tank on your RV.

  1. Hose 

The bidet hose connects the water supply to the spray nozzle. In most cases, it is made of flexible and durable materials. This is to ensure it withstands regular use.

  1. Vacuum Breaker

This is a safety feature that is installed in the bidet. The main purpose is to prevent backflow contamination. What this means is that it ensures that the water used for cleaning doesn’t flow back into the freshwater supply.

RV Toilet Bidet

Choosing the Right RV Toilet Bidet for Your Needs

To the elephant in the room, choosing the right RV RV toilet bidet. This is often a challenging endeavour. Some popular RV toilet bidets include:

  • Luxe bidet neo 120
  • Tushy Classic 3.0 RV toilet bidet 
  • Brondell Swash SE600 RV toilet bidet
  • BioBidet Ultimate BB-600
  • Samodra Ultra-Slim Bidet
  • Two-in-one Bidet and Handheld Cleaning Device

So, you can understand why it might be difficult to make your decision. However, these are the basic factors you should consider: 

  1. Type of Bidet

Bidets come in various types and models. The most popular include handheld bidet sprayers, portable bidets, and Bidet seats. 

The type of the bidet you will choose matters a lot. It affects the compatibility and its installation process. Furthermore, the type should be able to fit the space in your RV. 

So, before you can purchase your bidet, ask yourself which type will meet your needs. 

  1. Features

Different models of RV toilet bidets come with different features. Thus, you must look for the one with ones that can meet your needs. You should look out for the following features:

  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Temperature control 
  • Oscillating spray
  • Self-cleaning nozzles

In order to be able to choose wisely, make a list of the features you need. Then the next thing is you prioritise them. 

  1. Price

RV toilet bidets are available at a whole range of prices. From as low as $10. So, it is essential that you have a budget in place. With that, you can be able to know where to start looking. 

Normally, portable bidets are the cheapest. Bidet seats are the most expensive ones. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, portable bidets are your option. 

Another aspect of the budget you should anticipate is the maintenance cost. 

  1. Water Pressure

Water pressure is important because it will determine whether you will be able to use the device. Check the water pressure requirements of the bidet. Considering the pressure will ensure that your RV’s water supply can meet your bidet’s requirements. 

You will need to install a water pressure regulator. Especially if your water pressure is low. This will make sure your bidet provides optimal performance. 

  1. Installation

Now, not everyone is skilled in installing an RV toilet bidet. Therefore, you must consider the installation of the device. Will you be able to install it on your own? Will you need to hire a professional to help?

Some models require separate water connections, like to black tank on your RV. Others use the existing water supply in your RV. 

For instance, To install a separate permanent bidet for an elongated RV toilet bowl, turn the valve clockwise. This will enable you to connect the shore connection hose to the water supply.


Now, having read through this article, you understand why an RV bidet is revolutionary. This device can revolutionise the bathroom experience on the road. The benefits an RV bidet can offer you are: 

  • Saving on your RV toilet paper
  • Reducing toilet clogs
  • Providing a more thorough cleaning
  • Improving your RV hygiene
  • Improving your comfort

When choosing your bidet, you must consider the following:

  • Type of the bidet
  • Features and specifications
  • Price 
  • Water pressure
  • Installation requirements

So, with this option, why should you settle for a messy and uncomfortable RV toilet? Especially when you can enjoy the luxury and convenience of a bidet? 

Upgrade now to an RV bidet or for your boat to improve your camping experience. Say goodbye to mess and hello to comfort with this device.

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